[CD] Catastrophic Disaster [CD]
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[CD] Catastrophic Disaster [CD]

Talking about our clan and our official clan game : Guild Wars ( Prophecies, Faction and Nightfall)
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 Vah's Hornbow!!

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Dagger Pwnage

Dagger Pwnage

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Vah's Hornbow!! Empty
PostSubject: Vah's Hornbow!!   Vah's Hornbow!! Icon_minitimeSat Dec 30, 2006 6:54 pm

Ok im selling Vah's Hornbow!! Attached is a screen of it.. The Auction Will End Wednesday January 10th at 7:00 Pm (EST Time)

The Starting Bid is 8k!!

what we will do is u post an amount u are willing to buy and when i see u i give it to u and u pay its that simple.. Just get Active.. I bet everyone has something They wanna sell its Simple.. On another topic is how to take screenshots!!

Vah's Hornbow!! Gw010

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Vah's Hornbow!!
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